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Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson

Since the early 2000's Dr. Marie Touzin and her husband have been successful flipping over 17 properties in the Hudson Valley.  And, as the "go-to" real estate guru in her family, Marie fell in love with the profession by helping her family members buy their first homes! Her dream was for her 6 siblings to each own their homes in Hudson Valley. She accomplished this by helping them build their credit, be financially responsible, and save money for the down payment. Marie is passionate about helping her clients with one of the most critical decisions in their lives. She is a strong believer in the rights of homeownership and loves assisting people to live fuller lives by exercising their rights to own their homes.  

Marie also holds two master’s degrees and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.  She runs a successful NY mental health practice providing tele-health to New Yorkers in need. She has an incredible work ethic, is detail oriented and relentless when it comes to her work.   She will be there for you every step of the way.  

When she isn't tending to her clients, Marie loves spending time with her family, volunteering in the church, teaching catechism, exercising, meditating, dancing, singing, and cooking.  Don't miss a chance to work with Marie on the purchase or sale of your property!

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